Materials and Devices Layer Members
UCSD Faculty Personnel

Component-level Technologies

John Crowell (Chemistry) Semiconductor surface chemistry, thin-film growth
Robert Dynes (Physics) Electronic properties and transport in nanostructures
Frances Hellman (Physics) Magnetic materials, micromachined Si structures
Cliff Kubiak (Chemistry) Self-assembled nanostructures, molecular electronics
Andy Kummel (Chemistry) Semiconductor surface processing, oxide-semiconductor interfaces
Brian Maple (Physics) Superconductivity, magnetic materials
Michael Sailor (Chemistry) Chemical synthesis of materials, bio/chemical sensors
Ivan Schuller (Physics) Magnetic materials, thin-film growth, magnetic nanostructures
Lu Sham (Physics) Modeling/simulation of electronic and photonic materials
Jan Talbot (Mat Sci/MAE) Materials for displays
Peter Taylor (Chemistry/SDSC) Large-scale computations of materials properties
Peter Asbeck (ECE) High-speed electronic devices and circuits
Sadik Esener (ECE) Photonic materials/devices/systems for communications, storage, bio
Shaya Fainman (ECE) Ultrafast optics and nanophotonics for communications and information systems
S. S. Lau (ECE) Semiconductor processing for metal-semiconductor contacts, materials integration
Yu-Hwa Lo (ECE) Semiconductor materials and processing, optoelectronic devices and systems
Charles Tu (ECE) Epitaxial growth of semiconductors; new electronic/optoelectronic materials
Edward Yu (ECE) Nanoscale properties of materials; semiconductor electronic/optoelectronic devices
Paul Yu (ECE)